I ♥ the Perl Community


Perl is awesome, but the community is better, with nothing even in competition as I know it.

Where else can you blog about a confusing corner case you hit in a seemingly rare operating system and get Excellent answers from not only great people, but the author of the module the problem was in, one of the people who wrote or contributed a lot of the other useful tools you use, and the author many recognized Perl books

And then, not only did I get the right solution for my problem, but many other alternative good approaches, as well as answering parts of the question I didn't even ask with side tips that seem "related enough" that I'd likely encounter in similar ways, and how to make my life easier when that happens.

I ♥ this positive approach to programming, where people are not only caring about solving my specific problem, but suggesting things that can help me become a better programmer as a whole, and I'm frankly proud simply to be involved with a community which has such a valuable work-ethic.

Frankly, its a shame its so hard to sell Perl on the community aspect, because it is just awesome in ways I've never seen before in a Programming Language, and it by far trumps technical aspects in terms of awesomeness. If brainf**k had a community as awesome as Perl has, it would probably be better than many languages simply because of the community aspect, at least in my opinion. Its just a shame you can't convey how great such a community being preset is to newbies to the language without first immersing them in the culture and community, because to understand and appreciate, I think you must first experience it.


  1. I agree! I've only put a few posts on Perl up on the web and every time I do I hear from someone who is either responsible for a project or is a significant figure in it. Not only that, when I have a question I ask on an IRC channel I often get great help.

  2. I think the slogan TIMTOWTDI helps a lot to promote respect, within the Perl community.

    Respect is a very important factor, in interpersonal relationships.

    Anyway I'm not an expert on social behavior, but I've experienced the same wonderful feeling lot of times, i.e. getting help at IRC.

    A very nice post

  3. Kentnl, you have captured my exact feelings about the Perl community and why it's great.